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With state-of-the-art products and services, our dedicated team is able to deliver on-time and completely integrated solutions for all your operations in the restaurant.

Innovative & Easy-to-use CLOUD-BASED POS

POS that leverages the advantages of a mobile formula while offering greater functionalities than a traditional POS. An intuitive, easy to use an interface that simplfies the operational processes and increases eficiency.

  • Smart investment costs
  • Communication with the kitchen
  • Loyalty & customer relationship marketing
  • Revenue growth tool
  • Multi property& mobile stores

Keep App

This cloud-based inventory management solution helps you calculate the real stock costs, sales and waste consumption, as well as analyse and improve menu profitability, access real-time inventory and improve acquisition processes while increasing the level of control over your inventory.

Digital solutions

To increase consumption through orders via web, mobile-web or mobile applications, improve your customer loyalty and stimulate client frequency with points or discounts, there is one integrated CRM software platform able to cover all needs.

Our clients are our best partners


CRM & Loyalty programmes

We believe that the future is built on data-driven initiatives and seamless all-round customer experiences. Our CRM platform is a SaaS cloud platform that can be accessed from anywhere and at any time to glean the most valuable insights about your customers, to further use in implementing various types of loyalty programmes able to ensure greater customer satisfaction, retention and consumption.

  • Developed with mobile application integration in mind
  • Integrated with Oracle Hospitality solutions and own POS
  • Email marketing capability with segmentation criteria.
  • Rewards catalogue for redemption of accumulated points.
  • Capturing customer feedback
  • Capturing preferred products & categories

Our clients are our best partners

active POS’s
Euro worth of loyalty transactionsin our CRM
e-commerce & loyalty transactions per month

Due to the need of digitalization in our restaurants we decided to try the BREEZE solutions. We knew Bit Soft was a very innovative company, a leader on the horeca software solutions market. After more than 2 years since the implementation I can honestly say that we made the right choice. The results were visible even from the first months, with significant decrease of order and preparation time. We were surprised when many of our clients told us how impressed they were with the efficiency of the teams in our restaurants and these appreciations are priceless for us!

Taylan Kirman

Chief Financial Officer

I totally support the idea that BREEZE POS is not just another POS. It`s like a loyal employee that helps me stay in control anytime and from anywhere, of all the activities in my location. The results were more then visible after just one month since the implementation. The operational processes became much more efficient, and sales got an increase of 15%, that came from a better control of losses. For a pub the reaction time to the customer`s order, as well as the speed in marking the products in the same time with keeping a clear evidence, in real time, of sales and stocks. Breeze software can meet and exceed these expectations.  

Vintage Pub


We, at Pizza Hut, are fully committed to deliver excellence to our customers and we found out that Breeze and the whole ecosystem built by BITSOFT is a great tool that allows us to do so. The passion that drives us to offer the best products and services is entirelycomplemented by the functionalities of Breeze software system, built and implemented by BITSOFT, the market leader in HORECA digitalisation. We can now proud ourselves with efficiency increase, optimised operations, and perfectly satisfied and loyal customers, no matter if we are talking about dine-in, take away or delivery services. We couldn’t be happier with the decision we took to build this long-term partnership and we fully recommend them to any other HORECA business, of any size and type.

Marius Alexandru

Chief technology officer

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